Merlin 3000 Motorcycle Security
Motorcycle Security System
Protect your motorcycle, ATV, or personal watercraft with the rugged, water-resistant Merlin 3000 security system. It comes with one in-key transmitter and one 3-button transmitter. Features include Failsafe® starter kill to prevent thieves from “hot-wiring” your ride, powerful, built-in backup battery siren, digital tilt sensor and Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor.
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Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
Parking Light Flash
Failsafe® Starter Kill
Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
1 Auxiliary Output
Extremely Rugged Water / Shock Resistant Module
Moisture Resistant, Coated PC Board
On-Board 6-Tone Siren
Digital Tilt Sensor
Built-in Backup Battery
Programmable Normally Closed / Normally Open Trigger Input
Includes One In-Key Transmitter and One 3-Button Transmitter
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