Hornet 564T
Hornet 563T
Security with Remote Start
The latest in security and remote start are found together in two great Hornet systems. These state-of-the-art systems give you the peace of mind in knowing that your car is being protected and you won't have to suffer through the heat or the cold as your car gets going. We offer this great combination of services with a wide range of capabilities.
Hornet 745T
Hornet 742T
Hornet 740T
Hornet 727T
All of our security systems offer Multi-level Arming, Warn Away, Event History, Status LED Light, with convenience features like Remote Valet, Power Door locks, Power Trunk, and much more. Since you value your property, you want the most sophisticated defense available and that means Hornet security systems.
Valet 562T
Valet 561R
Valet 561T
Hornet 570T
Hornet 569T
Remote Start
Hornet and Valet Remote Start systems are ideal for those who want the convenience of climatizing their vehicle without having to face the elements. Perfect for people in cold or hot climates, these systems make life better with convenience features like One Button Start, Engine Checking, Crank and Run Times.
Valet 712T
Keyless Entry
Ever been in a rush and had to fumble with your keys to find the right one? Ever had arms-full of baggage and couldn't open your doors? Have you tried to unlock your car in the dark? You've probably felt the need for keyless entry. We offer a wide variety of convenience features on our Valet keyless entry system.
Merlin 3000
Merlin 2000
Motorcycle Security
Merlin systems offer the latest in motorcycle and ATV security. Merlin systems are extremely rugged and water/shock resistant. Each Merlin system comes with two transmitters, and even they are waterproof. With features like these, its easy to see how Merlin leads the way in motorcycle and ATV security.
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